Cartridge kits

The key to the system’s flexibility and simplicity

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Cartridge kits

The key to the systems flexibility and simplicity.

The single-use Cartridge is where the entire testing takes place in. All reagents are contained inside: this includes three diagnostic parameter used for syndromic panel testing and two control parameter to ensure valid results. The operators only task is to collect the sample and introduce it into the cartridges sample port. The test starts as soon as the cartridges are loaded into the Analyzer. Its that simple.

Each diagnostic kit is composed of either one (3 parameter) or two (6 parameter cartridges and comes with an easy to use pre-analytical kit.

The Cartridges are generic and each kit panel remains compatible to the same Analyzer. The assay itself is based on the gold-standard of diagnostic testing: the ELISA. The flexibility of the MagIA assay allows for the transfer of virtually any ELISA onto our patented system. The first developed panel will be an infectious diseases panel.

Pre-analytical kit

The simple way of blood sampling.

The pre-analytical kit is used to obtain the required blood sample and transfer it into the cartridges. It is composed of:

  1. A sterile lancet, used to finger-prick a 20 µl capillary blood droplet.
  2. A single use pipette for sample collecting
  3. A prefilled diluent bottle.

In order to perform an assay, th operator simply pricks a finger of the patient, retrieves the blood with the pipette and fill the content into the opened bottle. The bottle is filled The operator can then immediately transfer the sample safely in up to two cartridges, with no mixing nor shaking required.


Laboratory quality testing

  • Based on the ELISA gold-standard
  • Multiplexed 3 parameters per cartridge
  • Up to two cartridges (6 parameters per kit)
  • Single capillary blood drop samples of 20 µl
  • Internal positive & negative controls


Small yet ergonomic

  • Ergonomic handling
  • All cartridges fit the same reader
  • Easy to use pre-anlaytical kit for blood sampling
  • Room temperature storage
  • No reagent handling – all are included in the cartridge
  • Sample stays in the cartridge – simplified waste management