At MagIA diagnostics, we believe that collaborative and collective innovation is the only way to realise our ambitions. In fact, MagIA diagnostics emerged from the gathering of 5 operating founders with a truly multidisciplinary expertise.

Collaboration – both internally and externally – is the core value of our entrepreneurial spirit. Our entire development is based on this premise and we are proud of our key partners helping us moving forward.

Scientific partners

Our technology is the fruit of over 15 years of collaborative research in the scientific community of Grenoble. We are proud to count four founding labs, the G2ELab, the LMGP, the Institut Néel and the IAB as privileged scientific partners to pursue our innovative path. Key partners during the research phase, they continue to contribute greatly to our development.

Formed in 2007, the G2Elab covers a wide spectrum of expertise in the field Electrical Engineering: electrical energy, materials, innovative processes and systems, modeling and design methods and software.

The research carried out ranges from long term research up to collaborative research supported by a strong involvement in partnerships with large compagnies and SMEs. With more than 100 permanent staff, 110 PhD and 50 Masters, G2Elab appears as a major actor both nationally and internationally in these areas.

The Materials and Physical Engineering Laboratory (LMGP) is a research laboratory in materials science and materials for biomedical engineering.

Thanks to the dynamism of its three research teams and the favorable multidisciplinary environment, LMGP has gained an international reputation in the fields of crystal growth, nanomaterials and structured thin film materials and biomaterials for tissue engineering.

Institut Néel is a laboratory for fundamental research in condensed matter physics, enriched by interdisciplinary activities at the interfaces with chemistry, engineering and biology.

It explores a vast field of science, including superconductivity, new materials, surface science, nanomechanics, quantum optics, spintronics and magnetism.

IAB is an institute of international standing in basic and translational biomedical research. Its defining feature is the coverage of a range of scientific expertise across the biological continuum from molecules to populations. Founded in 1999 as Institut Albert Bonniot, IAB develops world-class programs in basic and translational biomedical research, enabling the new definition of its name as the Institute for Advanced Biosciences.


MagIA diagnostics has created over 15 jobs in just 2 years. We are proud to contribute to offer these opportunities in our region. As fast growing company, we constantly recruit new collaborators. You can consult our open job positions here or send us your job application via mail.

The recent achievements would not have been possible without the dedicated and diverse team we have built. We believe that keeping a participative, stimulating and friendly work environment is crucial and make sure each collaborator progress with the project.

Medical & health care partners

Our ambition is to improve the treatments of patients via our breakthrough diagnostic solution.  We acknowledge that technology is only part of the answer. Understanding the patients and health care professionals’ focus is our leitmotiv. We want to deliver more than technology: a solution for a better care!

in order to achieve that ambition, we are proud to collaborate with the Grenoble University Hospital, the European Hospital of Marseilles, and many more partners. Their contribution to our solution is essential.

Business partners

Our field of activity requires excellence. Thus, we are keen to get the expertise of business partners in various field, including quality and regulatory affairs (Surgical Institute), engineering (Evolution MedTech), industrial design and many more. We build those partnerships based on ethical values of transparency, trust and openness and with a long-term commitment.

We aim to build strong commercial business-to-business links using the same ethical framework. Our generic Point-of-Care solution is applicable to various diagnostic fields, allowing diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies to transfer their existing assays onto our platform. If you are an distributor of diagnostic equipment or a strip test producer seeking portable lab-performance solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Public support

National and local public communities have greatly supported our project. With the financing provided during the incubation period of the project and later with various subsidies or loans, they made the project real. MagIA places the local anchorage at the heart of its commitment.

Financing partners

Public support is key but private financing is fundamental. We are grateful to our financing partners to support us and contribute to our development.

The completion of a first round of equity investment was completed end 2018. We are happy to count as investors, friends and families, entrepreneurs, doctors, lab managers, …. Their contribution, not only financially but also operationally, and their trust in the solution we bring to the market are essential to our daily commitment and a source of future success. (link to press articles on fund raising).

Financing institutions have also contributed to our financing. From the very beginning of our story, BPI France, BNPParibas, Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes supported the Company. Their continued support is a source of motivation for our team.