Lab Platform

The MagIA Lab Platform is dedicated to biological bioprocess developments.

ELISA that are performed in analytical laboratories usually require a long time to results. This lengthen the bioprocess R&D lead-time.

Based on our proprietary no wash technology, MagIA’s Lab Platform can be used directly at the side of a bioreactor. This allows for rapid decision making and bioprocess real-time monitoring.

Our Solution

A single step no wash immunoassay

The lab platform consists of a small analyser and single used kits. Each kit contains 12 MagIA stripes united on a 96-Well frame (SDS format). The solution performs MagIA’s no wash immunoassay while remaining compatible with standard multi-channel pipettes and pipeting robots.

Key Advantages of the platform

A highly reliable fast and custom immunoassay at the side of your bioreactor


Time to result in less than 45 minutes : Rapid decision making at the bioreactors’ side to stop or change the process

Easy to use : Can be performed by non-analytical technician with high inter-operator reproducibility

Quantitative and sensitive: Comparable to existing ELISAs

Custom kit development : Can be designed to your application from existing ELISAs & antibodies

Small foot print : 36*28cm / To be used at the bioreactors’ side

Small volumes : 10-25 µl / Adaptated to micro-bioreactors