A better screening


Multiparametric infectious diseases Point of Care

Hepatitis B & HIV + Hepatitis C

Because everybody deserves high quality care

Transforming the linkage to care

MagIA diagnostics Point-of-Care screening will transform the way patients are linked to care.


Up to 6 parameters at once
Broad screening campaigns


Results given in 15 minutes
Just in time for a consultation

Small sample

Just 20 µl of capillary blood
Easy to use and non-invasive


A system weight below 3 kg
Get it done wherever needed

Syndromic testing

MagIA diagnostics offers a new approach against infectious diseases by using a single test detecting all the microorganisms most commonly responsible for a co-infection. The portable system allows for up to 6 related markers to be screened in parallel in less than 15 minutes, using only a drop of capillary blood.

Our syndromic testing approach will offer many advantages for patients and health care professionals, including more analyses in less time and effort and delocalised diagnostics, resulting in a better linkage to care.

One system – endless testing

MagIA diagnostics will offer a large panel of syndromic testing panels – all based on the same analyzer.


Our single-use cartridges are the key to the system’s flexibility and simplicity. Each cartridge covers a unique panel of related markers while remaining compatible to our analyzer. Simply introduce your sample and analyze up to two cartridges simultaneously!


Disrupting today’s blood-testing standards, the MagIA diagnostic Analyzer brings laboratory quality testing to the Point of Care. The portable system works in an easy and straightforward way, so it can be handled by medical or non-medical professionals. 

Latest News

The latest updates from MagIA diagnostics.

Projet étudiant

Pendant plusieurs semaines nous avons eu le plaisir d’accueillir Sinem, Clémence et Clément pour une étude de terrain dans le cadre de leur cursus au sein de l’école Génie Industriel du groupe INP. Merci à eux pour la qualité de leur travail et leur implication !...

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Wiseed : Le Live

MagIA diagnostics est présente sur la plateforme de crowdfunding Wiseed.com dans le cadre de sa nouvelle levée de fonds. A cette occasion, Sarah, Paul, Cédric et Mario ont répondu aux questions des potentiels investisseurs de la plateforme, durant un live. Vous pouvez...

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MagIA diagnostics, based in the south of Grenoble, is a spin-off from Grenoble INP with multiple patent protections for its disruptive Point-of-Care technology.

The technology is the achievement of ten years of R&D in the Grenoble research community.

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11 rue Maréchal Leclerc
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