Paris: MagIA diagnostics, a French start-up transferring any immunoassay onto a portable system is proud to announce that it has been awarded an i-Lab grant by the Ministry of Education and Technology.  i-Lab is a national competition open to all French start-ups designed to identify the most promising technical innovations by France’s most forward-thinking start-ups. The award is associated with a grant aimed at helping each start up to bring the innovation it is developing to the market.The growing challenges of personalised health approaches and pandemic risk management drive the need for decentralised diagnostic solutions. Nowadays, companies providing immunologic diagnostic solutions (30% of the 10 B$ human diagnostic market) are pushing to bring their products closer to the patients:

MagIA diagnostics offers a platform allowing these companies to deliver their immunoassays directly to the patient with no need for a specialised lab. Its innovative technology preserves the original sensitivity while significantly reducing test time (15 min) and sample volume (5 µl).

MagIA diagnostics wishes to thank the CNRS, Grenoble INP, the CIME Nanotech, LANEF and Linksium for their continued support of the project.